22 Tree Shade Landscaping Ideas for your Yards

Surround your home with trees for some shade and natural beauty!

When it comes to exterior landscaping, apparently trees are the fundamental accent used. They remarkably complete the entire ground design. And knowing that trees/plants gives off oxygen, it would be better to always have them planted in your home grounds.

Trees do not only provide beauty and freshness into your surrounding but also it can serve as a shade from prickly heat of sunlight.

The amount of shade that you want to receive depends on the kind of tree that you choose to have. In providing an ample shade to the grounds it typically needs to have a soaring or tall, brawny and long-living type of trees. Copious trees around your landscape do not only provide coolness and freshness but also can add color and significance to the landscape. Be sure to choose the right plant for your yard that will surely serve a purpose.

trees landscaping

1. Herringbone Brick Paver

Tree Shade Landscapes

I can imagine how refreshing this area especially when waves of the wind come touches the leaves of the tree.

2. Boise Residence

landscaping with trees

Creating an elevated deck would be very useful in setting up an outdoor dining area.

3. Orchard

orchard tree shade

A sophisticated material palette revamped this traditionalist 60′s ranch-home’s backyard.

4. San Marino Residence

big trees yard

Ron Yeo

Blending your homes with beautiful plants and big trees will give you a perfect shade.

5. Hollywood Residence

tree shade landscaping

Smaller sphere form curves inside this space and also help set off the individual trees.

6. Great Design Plant

birch tree

Would it be nice when you have the most beautiful and the strongest tree (birch tree) inside your garden?

7. Landscaping Highlights

garden tree

Growing green tall trees and beautiful flowers inside your garden give you a view of paradise.

8. Hollyrod Ave. Landscape

traditional landscaping

It would be livelier when you adorn your plant with effective lightings.

9. Blasen Gardens

round hedges

I love how whimsical sphere are scattered all over the area creating a fresh looking sanctuary.

10. The Gillman Garden

nature-themed pool

For sure every time you soak in yourself into that pool there’s a revitalizing feeling that those plants and trees’ offer.

11. Blue Bench

Tree Shade Landscapes

I adore the initiative of sitting in that bench enclosed by natural world and outgrowth trees in the spotted shade.

12. Beach in front of Pond

short trees

It’s like you’re experiencing fall in this setting! Maple trees get even brighter and attractive when smacked with the light from the sun.

13. Los Alto Hills Grande Estate

shrub landscaping

Having plants that are aligned along the pathway of your entrance gate give a grandiose welcome.

14. Naroon Road

deck trees

Having a big tree in the middle of your patio will surely shelter you from the strong rays of the sun.

15. Carmel Hilltop Retreat


A house positioned at the top of the hill added with trees for shade is a perfect place for soul searching.

16. Northwest Indiana Marshall Residence


I just feel a sigh seeing plants and trees arranged beautifully in a garden!

17. Lush Garden Retreat

tree landscaping

I can smell the cleanness of a place when surrounded with tall, leafy and green trees all around.

18. Park Lane Residence

stone fence

The pathways are lovelier if you put a lot of trees giving a grand walk.

19. Lowcountry Swimming Pool Renovation

lawn pool

Well, trees are a perfect spot to hang a hammock and sway with the freshness of the air.

20. Spectacular Whole House Remodel

pool tree designs

A pool surrounded with tall trees let enjoy more the coolness of the water without being afraid with the touch of sunlight.

21. Lake Austin Playhouse

autumn trees

I just don’t know but I have this feeling that trees set in front of a house give a majestic and mysterious look.

22. Delray Beach Bungalow

Tree Shade Landscapes

An outdoor garden set under tall trees is a fantastic idea for a more comfortable relaxation.

You might think that having those large trees inside your yards can be a challenge for gardening – but gardening for shade does not have to be that exasperating after all. Imagine its benefit to your yard and to the environment. If tall trees are not your type then landscaping your yard in other form of plant would also sound interesting!